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Since several devices are opting a list of supported formats, especially for media files such as movies, image files and music, the requirement of a format converter is inevitable, indeed. For example, you are about to apply for a job online, in which you require a .PNG format image, even though which you have is a .JPEG one. Unless you are expert at Photoshop, you will have some trouble. Here comes the need of a media format converter, using which you can change the extension of the file, and hence making possible to run that file in specific devices. Here, we would like to introduce you a powerful and compact format converter, Format Factory. Even though there are some paid and free converters in the market, there are many reasons for selecting this free software over others.

Format Factory

Format Factory is a factory of file formats, just as you can read from the name. This FREE software is something more than a usual media file converter, as it includes many features for becoming your media manager as well as support for a large number of file formats. As you can guess, you can use this software for preparing videos, music files or image files for special devices such as iPhone, iPod etc. as well as some special jobs such as DVD Ripping. Considering all its functions, Format Factory is a media manager. The software comes with support for over 62 languages, including your native ones. Now, let us check out how to install and use this awesome tool for managing your media life.


You can download this software from its Official Website using any of available methods like direct download, torrent download. Once you have downloaded this 51MB file, it will start extraction and the installation of Format Factory. In seconds, through some easy steps, you can finish installing this software, which will soon lead you to an attractive dashboard of Format Factory that may look like the following image.

Format Factory Installation

However, you can either accept or decline the association of with your browsers. Hence, if you do not want to allow those advertisements, you should take your decision in that section. Except this issue, installation process of Format Factory is ultra-simple. Once you have installed this tool in your PC, you can start using it from the next second.

Format Factory Dashboard

Prominent attractive factor in Format Factory is its compact but effective Dashboard, which lets you convert your files much quickly and easily. The software requires no previous technical knowledge for converting and even a kid can alter the format of one media file. However, if you are a hard fan of Total Video Converter or other software, you will need a bit time for understanding the UI. You will need only a few clicks for converting one file to an appropriate format, with Format Factory.

Format Factory Dashboard

There are different sections in the software to select the format, to which you would like to convert your existing file. There are four sections such as Video, Audio, Picture, DVD/CD/ISO and Advanced, which contain icons of each format, supported by the software. For example, you can see formats like .MP4, .MKV, .VOB etc in the video section whereas .JPG, .TIF, .BMP etc in the picture section. You may click on the appropriate icon and it will open a dialogue box with some options.

Format Factory Output File Customization

In the dialogue box, you can select the input file or multiple files using ‘Add File’ button. You can also alter the output folder according to your convenience. If in case, you are concerned about the deep aspects of media files, there is an option called ‘Output Settings’ you can make use of. In that option, you can manage details such as video encoding, video size, Bitrate etc. Apparently, when compared to other media converters, Format Factory comprises an impressive set of options in the base User Interface itself.

Format Factory Output Setting

Thus, we can obviously give a positive verdict on the User Interface of Format Factory along with its large number of features, especially in customizing your conversion results. Apart from the intuitive UI, there are some additional features in Format Factory.

In-Built Conversion Profiles

At least some of you may not be aware about the supported formats of your different devices such as Android Smartphone or iPod. However, Format Factory knows it all! In video conversion section, you can see an option called ‘Mobile Device’, using which you can select suitable formats for your device. In the dialogue box, you can see options devices such as Mobile Compatible MP4, Android, Apple iPhone & iPad, Sony PSP, Nokia, and Microsoft etc.

Conversion Profiles Built In

Each subsection includes supported formats of devices. Once you have selected your option along with output quality, you can click OK and start conversion process. Of course, this feature is quite useful for a user, who does not keep themselves with devices and file formats.

DVD and Audio CDs

Rather than managing files, stored in your hard drive, Format Factory has the ability to manage files from removable media such as DVDs and Audio CDs. As we mentioned earlier, Format Factory has a DVDRipper attached with it. Using the ripper, you can convert the content in DVD to video file, to an ISO file whereas converting an audio CD to separate audio files.

DVD and Audio Ripping

In the Advanced video converting section, you can see some much productive tools for joining two or more videos, gluing two audio files as well as getting information about the media file.

Our Experience

Our experience with using Format Factory forces us to give a positive verdict. When we tried this free software and did a comparison with Total Video Convertor, results were, obviously, favouring the former one. We observed less file size as well as improved quality. Thus, here we should mention that Format Factory is an awesome in converting.

Final Words

If we have recalled everything, mentioned above, correctly, Format Factory is a superb all-in-one tool for your media management purpose. Instead of boasting some standard conversion features, the mentioned freeware has in-depth customization abilities such as file quality, method etc. In addition, the impressive user interface makes the software a truly productive one. On top of all, the label, freeware is the main reason attracting us towards the tool. Why should you spend dollars when you can get more features without paying a cent? What do you think about this software? Do let us know via your valuable comments.

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  1. Having devices that play certain files is unfortunate, but as said in this article, it is necessary. Format Factory is a pretty useful program for that.

  2. Format factory is nice. I’d like to convert some of my videos. Thanks for the brief explanation and tutorial.
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  3. Hello!
    Format factory is my best tool from a long time, i am using it and it is pretty much great, its does their job very well.
    Basheer Ahmad recently posted – Free Online Video Converter With Advanced FeaturesMy Profile

  4. Excellent and detailed guide. Well, didn’t headed about this tool, seems to be very useful, I will check it out. Thanks for sharing 🙂
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  5. Format factory is my all time favourite converter. you have explained it well.
    Thanks for sharing.
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