How to Bring Multi-Tab Browsing into Windows Explorer

Tabbed browsing is a major factor, which made today’s web browsers successful and user-friendly. Most of major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer have this feature, which lets users to manage different webpages without hassling with multiple windows. What do you think about bringing this feature into Windows Explorer, the on-board file manager of Microsoft Windows? If you used to manage multiple windows at a time, it will be a bit difficult even though Windows 7 has an in-built feature to arrange windows perfectly by filling the screen.

However, if you have ever used Ubuntu Linux, you might have seen this feature as it comes by default. Hence, bringing tabbed browsing in Windows 7 will make it easier to use as well as to increase productivity. Here let us introduce you some tools, which will integrate tabbed browsing into the default environment of Windows Explorer.


Clover is a free Windows-based tool developed by EJIE Technologies. The tool comes with support for Windows XP, 7 and 8 bringing an awesome tabbed browsing experience. This tool is for you if you are a fan of Google Chrome’s tabbed browsing feature. Clover exactly clones the feature into Windows Explorer. The screenshot of Clover can clearly state that how the tool can help you in minimizing the hassles of multiple windows in your screen. You can download this software from EJIE’s official website and also get some essential shortcuts and feature list of this productive tool.

Clover 3

Apart from arranging multiple tabs in top of the window, Clover offers many features as well as some shortcuts, which may resemble your Google Chrome browsing experience. When you want to add a new window to tab set, you can simply drag the specific folder and drop it on tab bar. This feature is quite useful but you will really miss the feature to middle click to close tab as well as open new window in new tab. When these problems of new tab creation are excluded from the list, Clover is a perfect tool for bringing tabbed browsing into Windows Explorer.


QTTabBar is the optimum choice for you when you want to let the features stand between TabExplorer and Clover. This software simply integrates Tabs into your Windows Explorer window, just above the in-built file manager of Windows. This tool may not bring many visual features when compared to Clover but has a stronger integration with Windows, which hence brings hassle free management of tabbed windows. Using the software, chances are less that tabs will obstruct you. This software partially resembles the tabbed interface in Ubuntu Linux.


QTTabBar is must-have tool for increasing productivity, we should say. It has a lot of features to set preferences as well as shortcuts resembling tabbed experience in Chrome. For example, it’s much easier to middle click on a folder and open it in a new tab. You can also save a set of tabs in the software and open the set in the next time you open Windows Explorer. If you want to open a few windows whenever you start Windows Explorer, QTTabBar can do the job very well. This tool is completely free software and you can download it from Source Forge.


Just like its name says, the free software can bring a good tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer but with a little compromise in the case of visual impact. We would have to say the tool is visually unimpressive if you are trying to compare it with other tools like Clover. As you can see in the image, TabExplorer just arranges multiple windows as tabs above the usual file manager window. A portable mode is also available for TabExplorer so that you can carry the software and use it on any PC that you want.


What you may find as a bad issue is the lagging behaviour when trying to open or close a tab. You might be affected by the problem if you want more speed in managing windows. Windows 8 support is lacked by the software. When stating the problem, we should also mention its ability to revoke working of TabExplorer whenever you want it. You can also see that tabs are not actually integrated to explorer but are displayed in a different portion. When these small drawbacks are neglected, TabExplorer is also a good tool for enabling tabbed browsing in Windows Explorer. You can download this from its official website.


When analysing these tools, we can see that QTTabBar is the most productive one whereas you can choose Clover, when you require more visual beauty while navigating. Do you use any other software for enabling tabbed browsing in Windows? Do let us know through comments.

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  1. Hi,
    This is nice info.
    By using these multi tab browsing software we can browse many drives at a time in one window. There is no need to open more windows for browsing no of drives.
    It is easier & smart way.

  2. Well who have though of this idea of having tabs in Windows Explorer. Thanks a lot for the tips.

  3. QTTabBar is must-have tool for increasing productivity, we should say. It has a lot of features to set preferences as well as shortcuts resembling tabbed experience in Chrome.
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