Windows Utilities for Effective Eye Exercise

For at least some of you, it will be hard to expect a day without computers; especially if you are a digital businessperson or a worker in such a company or even a digital writer. Nevertheless, we should also mention that the overuse of computers has some side effects as well. Majorly effected part of our body due to the overuse is eyes because people have to concentrate into PC screens for a long time, which will cause some serious eye issues. Hence, the significance of Eye Exercise is very high if you are an individual who have to stick your eyes to the computer screen for a long time.

Eye Problems Due to Overuse of Computers

20-20-20 Rule: The Perfect Eye Exercise

The main problem is that eye problems do not limit their effects in eyes itself. Such problems will be soon causing you problems like headache, stress, strain etc. As mentioned above, for enabling such an eye exercise and hence improving our eyesight, we can use a standard rule that has been proved scientifically. Following this rule in frequent intervals will effectively help you in getting rid of tired eyes. The rule can be called as 20-20-20 rule. Let us have a look on the rule.

In most cases, your usual computer screen will be much bright. Scientists say that you should blink your eyes frequently while working for hours. Just as we said about frequent blinking, people usually forget about this eye exercise. If you also forget to do so, it will make way for dried eyes problem as well as red eyes, soon. 20-20-20 rule states that you should concentrate to another object for at least 20 seconds after continuously using your pc for 20 minutes. There is also a condition that the object should be placed at least 20 feet away from your eyes.

Following the Rule

Following this 20-20-20 rule based eye exercise will surely help you in improving eyesight. Well, it will not be much easy to remember about a break in each 20 minutes and concentrate into another object. In this situation, we can make use some Windows tools, which will help you in remembering about the break in pre-set intervals. These utilities are of course worth using. Major tools are as follows:


EyeDefender is a completely free but much effective tool in doing eye exercise without even getting up from your seat (This hesitation may cause some other body issues by the way). EyeDefender is a small (packed inside 185 KB) Windows utility that can prompt you to take eye exercise. You can set your own time (say 20 minutes or 30 minutes) and the software will start showing you visual exercise or your favourite wallpaper or set or a popup message from notification area once you have continuously used PC for that time.


You can set the program to start working from Windows start up and there is no problem of forgetting to switch on the utility. Visual exercise of EyeDefender is a quite useful eye exercise. This will force you to look to various parts of screen as well as to blink. Minimum duration of the exercise is one minute but you can hit Esc key and return to your work, if less time is efficient for you. We will say EyeDefender is a must-have Windows Utility for all those who spend hours before PC.


This is another free Windows utility for avoiding eye and other stresses while using computers by means of taking proper eye exercise. The software is around 15 MB and can be download from SourceForge. When compared to the former one, WorkRave has more features and customization options. Portability of the software is also usable.


Unlike EyeDefender, this software has two modes – micro rest mode and macro rest mode. In micro rest, you have to keep your eyes off the monitor for a while whereas in macro mode you will have to get up from the seat and walk a bit. If you are not aware about stretching and focusing exercises, the in-built wizard of WorkRave will teach you about proper actions.


Both of these utilities show their excellence while running in your pc. Due to the less size and visual training, we personally prefer EyeDefender. You may change the choice according to your requirement. Do you use any other tools for exercising your eyes? Let us know through comments.

4 Responses to “Windows Utilities for Effective Eye Exercise”
  1. Joe

    Great idea to exercise the eyes while working. It is important to take frequent breaks. I think I heard that people who wear glasses have some additional eye protection as well.


  2. Dry eyes can be a bummer while on the PC. I use regular eye-drops but some people have to have tears made for them because they are so sensitive to the solutions.
    James Hughes recently posted – Ever wonder how contact lenses are made?My Profile

  3. I’ve never heard of the 20-20-20 rule! This is great. Eyes that look at computers for long periods of time do get worse. But I’ve noticed that looking out a window helps, too. This will help us get some sunlight during our work shifts.

  4. PC utility for eye exercise, wait, it’s totally new to me. Thanks a lot for sharing. Should give it a try.
    Michael Forth recently posted – Testofuel Reviews: The Ultimate Muscle Gainer PackageMy Profile

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